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        Who We Are & Contacts
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        8:00am Eucharist
        8:30am Doors open for sightseeing
        8:30am Morning Prayer
        12:30pm Eucharist
        4:00pm Last entry for sightseeing
        5:00pm Choral Evensong


        暗黑破坏神2奶牛关For requests to access the Cathedral's land, please contact St Paul’s  -暗黑破坏神2奶牛关

        暗黑破坏神2奶牛关020 7246 8350 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm暗黑破坏神2奶牛关

        暗黑破坏神2奶牛关020 7248 6233 outside these hours暗黑破坏神2奶牛关

        The horseshoe of paved land inside the marble bollards around the West steps of the Cathedral and the statue of Queen Anne is all Cathedral land. The cobbled roadway within the chained road entrance from Ludgate Hill is registered as City of London land. 

        The Cathedral reserves the right to control what is permissible on its own land especially in front of and on the West steps of the Cathedral, which are the spiritual threshold of the church and which are kept for the quiet and peaceful use of visitors. 

        It will seek police advice, and if necessary assistance, should demonstrations or other gatherings or activities ignore the Cathedral’s need to protect its frequent Christian church services, its visitors, staff and congregation from disturbance.

        The Corporation of the Cathedral Church of St Paul in London has freehold ownership of the following land in London and in Essex.

        St Paul’s Cathedral
        The Chapter House
        Amen Court 
        The Churchyard Gardens within the railings and certain ground around the Cathedral including the horseshoe shaped area around the West steps.
        Three arable farms and some domestic properties for rent in Tillingham, Essex.

        Planning consents for the Cathedral are managed with the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England (CFCE). Any consents for the Chapter House and Churchyard Gardens require the additional or separate consent of the City of London planning officers. The railed gardens are jointly managed with the City of London open spaces officers. Security of all the properties, the chained road entrance from Ludgate Hill and the Churchyard Gardens in London are the Cathedral’s responsibility.